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Mammal Research

This project is to document small, nocturnal, terrestrial mammals: mice and voles (Cricetidae), rats (Muridae), shrews (Soricidae) and moles (Talpidae).

In 2016, we were fortunate to obtain permits from the MNRF to live trap small nocturnal mammals within the Reserve. Little is known about the small mammals of the Reserve and the purpose of this study is to humanely catalogue the small mammal biodiversity within the Reserve. Our goal is to trap and release one individual of each of our target species.

Using Sherman live traps and pitfall traps, in each of four microhabitats: meadow, woodland, marsh and riverine. Animals were handled and identified by Fiona Reid and Nigel Parr. Other assistance from Phill Holder and Dianne McCurdy and the surveys were photodocumented by Mike McEvoy.

We will continue this project in 2017 as our current dataset only provides a snapshot of the mammalian diversity at the study site. Our data can be used to draw conclusions as to the presence of species but further research is required to confirm the presence of rarer species or to assess population sizes for our target species. A full report is available for download.